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  1. I'm in Baton Rouge. Two snows down here in one year, very unusual. Thanks for the info on the mushrooms, I'll be looking for them. Can you tell me if south Louisiana has morels? I can find no info on this.
  2. Thanks for the welcome CS35, and for the pictures. What's that 1st picture of? Also, that last picture are oysters, right? I've seen then in the wild, but again, just a little unsure to pick and eat. They are also very buggy when I've come across them. Looking at the snow, let me guess, is that December 8th 2017?
  3. Hello all. I became obsessed with foraging for wild mushrooms when I stumbled upon some wild chanterelles while hiking in Mississippi about 4 years ago. After researching and making certain of the ID, I've since learned how abundant they are and have developed several spots that provide me with an abundant supply during the season. Problem is, they are the only wild mushroom I am 100% comfortable with the ID and consuming. Hoping to learn more here to expand my knowledge! Lot's of rain down here last summer-some of these were as big as my hand.
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