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  1. Hi everyone, Glad to find this place! I was a mushroom hunter in Colorado before I moved back home to Louisiana, and was so pleased to discover my old friends, Boletes and Chanterelles and Oysters, here in Louisiana too. In fact, WTH y’all, this is the most magnificent mushroom season of my entire life right now. We’ve had incredibly perfect mushroom weather going on 4 weeks or so. I’ve never seen so many, and such variety. Ever. In my life. In fact, all this beautiful fungi has ignited a serious study of mushroom identification. Whereas before, I was mostly interested in edibles. I had always admired mushrooms, but only from an aesthetic perspective. Now I want to know more than Boletes and Chanterelles and Oysters. So, here I am. Thanks so much for being here! Thanks to this glorious Louisiana weather and the multitude of spores, I’ve enjoyed making spore prints and researching fungi identification. I’m ready to add to my personal edible ID list! Here’s some recent pics from mushroom palooza. I’m currently hunting on private property. For the record, I’m not gathering for eating (yet!) I’m mostly taking pictures for identifications and to record for beauty and posterity! Sincerely, MJ
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