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  1. Lactaruis rufus? Maybe, found in maine growing in mixed growth on the ground.
  2. Pholiota squarrosa? Just my non educated guess,
  3. Found in Maine Growing out of a dead Pine, any idea's please and thank you. Keith
  4. Thank you GCn15, Much appreciated.
  5. This is the very first coral mushroom i've ever seen strange looking things, i will try to read up on em and see what parts of them i should Photograph to help with the identifications. Thanks for putting up with the bad photography, Dave W.
  6. I Dont know if this will help but, Camera is not very good, will see about getting a better one [ using my phones, never realized how many details there where to each mushroom, its very impressive you know almost all of them so well ] i did some reading into the two [ if it helps the color is more of a dull non florecent hunters orange ] Thank you. Dave W
  7. This is only my third try, identifying a mushroom using a\the field guides, so if im way off thanks for the help, also What ever it may end up being, is it toxic or have any toxic look alikes? [ dont have to list them all yes or no is alright ] Thank you once again - Keith Found it in a trail edge threw mixed trees in Maine [ Mostly pines and furs trees ]
  8. Found Today in mixed growth of trees in Maine, Questioning if there Chanterelles? [ If so are they toxic or have any toxic relatives, dont have to list em all if so yes or no would be alright ] Thank you, Greatly apreciated - Keith
  9. Very new to mushrooms was wondering if i am using the field guide right, have to start somewheres right?, is this a Piptoporus betulinus? I found lots of them on 6 birch trees close buy in maine. If so are there any look alikes? a yes or no is ok if there is you do not have to list them all, thank you very much - Keith
  10. Sorry- Had trouble with account creation.

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