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Need help with ID

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I'm trying to identify this fungi.  This is in western pennsylvania.  It's about the size of a basketball and i've never seen one like this before.  It's pretty high up in the tree, also.  Took this picture on 10/9/21.  I looked through my mushrooms of western PA book and didnt see anything similar.  Lots of oak trees around this tree.  I believe this is an oak tree.


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Is it on a maple or box elder?

Looks like a Northern Tooth to me.  

Climacodon septentrionalis.  
I found one last year here in central PA.  I has teeth on the underside instead of the pores you would expect.

I don’t think that is an oak looking at the bark,  I’m guessing box elder, which is in the maple (Acer) family.  

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I’m guessing it will still be there. They get huge!

Tree ID is important to mushroom hunting. Look at the stems.  If they are opposite to each other, it’s in the maple family, ash, horse chestnut or dogwood. Almost all others are alternate in their branching.

If you want to learn tree ID more, I’d suggest you contact your county extension office and ask to talk to the extension forester (not every county has one, but there is probably one from a nearby county that covers yours). Ask if he has any tree walks planned.

I can ID a lot of trees by looking at the bark and overall structure. But I have to admit it helps that my degree is in Forestry.

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