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  1. Look good. I had a couple of mushrooms start during a warm spell, then we got a late snow that seemed to stop them. Have been checking my logs here in central PA but nothing started yet.
  2. Cooking 16 grow bags today filled with masters mix. Will do eight chestnut and eight more lions mane. If it warms up this week, I want to do a bunch of oyster buckets.
  3. Good looking batch of what I assume are blacks. May go down to south central PA this week to hunt. My youngest brother says he’ll watch and let me know when to come down. We got light snow this morning, not that I think I’d find any locally. I’m better off getting off this plateau and down onto limestone soil. So today I’m cooking mushroom grow bags to sterilize them.
  4. Harvested the rest of the first flush today. Gave two large clumps and two small clumps totaling about a pound to a friend this morning. This is what was left that I harvested this afternoon. Total on the flush was 8.7 pounds, about 1.1 pounds per bag.
  5. First ones I harvested, four clusters, about 3.5 lbs
  6. Chestnut mushrooms are finished and I got rid of those bags. They produced two heavy flushes for me. A nice crisp mushroom that stands up well in stir fries. Oyster buckets continue to produce. Well over ten pounds so far. Cooking and freezing or giving to friends those that I can’t eat for breakfast in omelets. The eight bags of lions mane are now in the grow tent. Fruiting has started on three of the bags so far. Will watch how fast they develop.
  7. I could be wrong, but I think chaga only grows on birch?
  8. Thanks, I appreciate that information. I haven’t had a chance to look into it yet, as I only found out what he was spraying
  9. Someone mentioned shaggy manes. My neighbor in back of me knows I hunt mushrooms and will contact my wife when he sees some. Late last summer he sent her a message that he had mushrooms coming up. “Some look like rockets and others look like umbrellas with black drops falling off them”. I went back, and found a nice patch of shaggy manes, some too far gone (the umbrellas) but the “rockets” were prime. I offered them to him and told him how to cook them, but he didn’t want them. The time before that, when I went back it was a patch of Boletus seperans under his oak tree.
  10. Last year I hunted and harvested a lot of mushrooms in the woods behind our house. Normally during the summer, I’d get up and take the dog for a walk through the woods while I hunted mushrooms. I was great because I didn’t spend any time getting there, and since I hunted it daily, I could see the progression of mushrooms fruiting. But I just joined in with the neighbors to get our adjoining woods sprayed with Mimic. We are having a gypsy moth infestation. Egg masses on many of the trees. I won’t harvest any mushrooms after it’s sprayed. I have to look at some maps and figure out where to go. May be state game lands.
  11. I’ll have to see if I can manage to get away that weekend. Unfortunately, the Saturday of the Central PA club’s Bill Russell foray, I have to attend a wedding. I’m hoping I can hunt in the morning and get back for the wedding (about an hour away). Labor Day weekend, I’m planning on attending the MAW foray, then I leave the following Wednesday for the New River to fish. Let’s see if I get concurrence on the Western PA weekend.
  12. Thanks, I have to check out the filter more. I was going off the recording of the August 2020 WPAMC meeting were he talked about some of the tells. This past summer I learned to correctly ID B. bicolor, B. seperans, Leccinellum albellum, Suillus spraguei, Sullius americanus, Xanthoconium affine, Aureoboletus projectellus and a couple others. It’s a start. Some of these might be older names, but I use Bessette’s Bolete book as a baseline. I gave some thought to joining the Western PA club, but most of the meetings are quite a ways from me.
  13. For the past two years, I’ve spent significant time researching Bolete identification. I can confidently ID some now but have a long way to go. What I’m hearing over and over is that you have to know the “tells” of each species or complex. Dave provided one to me earlier this year for the B. Bicolor complex. But the problem I’ve had is how do you find the tells? I stumbled across a YouTube video one of the Western PA club members who does an excellent job of providing tells for many of the Boletes. It was a recorded version of one of their meetings within the last year or two. You can probably find it if you search for it.
  14. Off hand, I’d say it’s probably turkey tail, but I’d want to see the underside to be sure. Not sure how common it is, but I have it growing on most of the ash stumps on my property,
  15. I’m guessing it will still be there. They get huge! Tree ID is important to mushroom hunting. Look at the stems. If they are opposite to each other, it’s in the maple family, ash, horse chestnut or dogwood. Almost all others are alternate in their branching. If you want to learn tree ID more, I’d suggest you contact your county extension office and ask to talk to the extension forester (not every county has one, but there is probably one from a nearby county that covers yours). Ask if he has any tree walks planned. I can ID a lot of trees by looking at the bark and overall structure. But I have to admit it helps that my degree is in Forestry.
  16. Is it on a maple or box elder? Looks like a Northern Tooth to me. Climacodon septentrionalis. I found one last year here in central PA. I has teeth on the underside instead of the pores you would expect. I don’t think that is an oak looking at the bark, I’m guessing box elder, which is in the maple (Acer) family.
  17. After a heavy rain yesterday cleared most of the snow and ice, I found this on a stump today. Very flat, tough to pull off. Thought at first it was a polypore, but it was gilled. Gills looked somewhat unique, ant top had concentric circles on it. Any ideas?
  18. Over seven pounds of oysters so far. Should have a couple more bunches to pick over the weekend. Will see what develops out of the pins after that. All seven of my chestnut bags produced nicely. The poppinos, not so well, will not grow those again. I never did get the lions mane started. Cooking 8 bags for that today. Raining steadily here, so I thought it would be a good day for that. One note, the hardwood sawdust I use is just what is generated from someone’s firewood cutting. A friend rakes it up and gives it to me.
  19. I just saw two clumps of oysters (too far gone to pick) on a stump in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware last week. Pointed them out to my aunt who we were visiting and said “that’s the same type of mushroom I brought down to show you and just cooked for you”. I had brought a bag of oysters I grew and a grow bag of fruiting chestnut mushrooms to show her.
  20. On the off chance you’re wondering about the pipes and gauges in the background, those are the feeds and returns from our geothermal wells.
  21. I’ve picked over 5 pounds of oysters in the last two weeks.
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