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  1. Definitely not Blewits. Spore print is wrong. I’d look at Cortinarius but don’t see webbing or remains of a veil.
  2. Johny, Hedgehogs are flushing here in central PA. Picked 63 just before dark last night. Could have picked more if I had the time ( and daylight!).
  3. Go to the shroomery.org instead of this site.
  4. We’ve been getting some rain here in central PA. Lots of stuff popping up later in the year than we normally find it. Two of us took a walk at one of the state parks yesterday and found all sorts of stuff - 3 hens, spotted boletes, painted suillius, hedgehogs, gilled boletes, and much more. The ironic thing is that just last week I showed our Central PA club president how to ID Boletus seperans. That’s who I was hunting with yesterday. Here is what we also found:
  5. Dave, Out of curiosity, do you find many of them up your way? I never have found them in central PA or seen them brought to any club tables. But friends in south central PA talk about find them often.
  6. I’ve been seeing a lot of it lately. I picked and dried some for my wife. In the summer she crumbles it into a saucer of milk and puts several around the farm ( high enough that nothing can get into them). It’s a method to control flies. Found (but didn’t pick) these Aminta jacksonii yesterday.
  7. Has anyone eaten any of these, and if so, what did you think. I’ve been seeing a lot of them lately and just started to collect and dry some.
  8. My mushroom club president doesn’t taste bitter. He says some of the bitter Boletes are quite good.
  9. Dark brown spore print makes me say they are Cortinarius.
  10. Looks like a parasol to me. If the interior of the cap turns reddish when the cap is removed or when it’s cut, then it’s a shaggy parasol. If not, then I’m not sure of what type of parasol it is, because I have no experience with the other types. It should have had a ring on the stalk that could be slid up and down. I have shaggy parasols in the dehydrator right now.
  11. I just saw your location. I’m on the other end of the same county you live in.
  12. Look like it to me. Flesh should be white
  13. It’s a Bolete but I don’t know what genus or species
  14. I’m seeing different information,Edible, non edible and edibility unknown. I’m guessing the truth may be edible but not very good. I’m not going to eat it, but does anyone have any experience with it?
  15. That’s it. I knew it had a certain tree associated with it but couldn’t remember which one
  16. That’s a Bolete. Don’t have my book with me but that should start your search
  17. My feeling is that they might put you in the right ballpark but to find your seat, you need other sources to positively identify the species.
  18. If it was formerly an aminita like the article says, I’d stay completely away from it!!!!!!!
  19. I take it you are referring to meadow mushrooms (Agaricus campestris)? They look like that too me.
  20. It should be. Guys in my club mix extractions from reshi, turkey tail and birch polypore and swear by it.
  21. Check the “gills” to see if they are rubbery and won’t rub off. If so you have a chanterelle. I’m pretty sure you do, as it looks like one and the interior color is correct.
  22. Calvert, Maybe for most people. My degree is in forestry, and I tend to ID most trees by looking at the bark.
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