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  1. And the spore print is indeed pink. Thanks for the help
  2. Thanks. Definitely the gills are truly free. Spore printing them now
  3. Just found these this morning. Where they are growing, we took down a large ash tree. Ground the stump. They might be growing from the ash root or the stump grindings.
  4. I’ve been experimenting growing mushrooms again this year with mixed results. The oyster mushrooms I started in jars on wheat were almost all infected. I think I had 2 out of 14 that were not. The oyster mushrooms I started in grow bags with masters mix took a very long time to produce. I had four out of eight that were infected. The remaining four I got good flushes on. I’ve inoculated 16 bags of lions mane on masters mix, eight at a time. I didn’t get any initial infection (the lions mane grew incredibly fast, 14 day till fruiting on several bags). But I had secondar
  5. Don’t know the mushrooms, but I’ll second the enthusiasm for hay and horse manure. A friend had a batch of marginal hay and used it for bedding over the winter. She was complaining she was running out of room in her manure pile. I told her I’d take it. Three dump truck loads, steaming like crazy! Some of it is going to be used to build blewit beds back in the woods.
  6. Welcome! Nice to see another PA member. I’m in Clearfield County
  7. Lots of reasons. It’s great exercise. it gives me a chance not only to be out in the woods, but introduces me to new places, both wild and tame. I’m exploring more of our state parks, state game lands and state forests, as well as my own property. I’ve met some very nice and very mushroom knowledgeable people at our local mushroom club. They’ve welcomed me as one of their own. I do like eating them, so much that I’m also experimenting with growing them, oysters, lions mane, chestnut, shiitake and hen of the woods. I’ve learned a lot doing this, and need to learn
  8. I had mine in shotgun fruiting chambers. When I increased fanning it when I sprayed the chamber, they developed normally.
  9. When learning to identify deciduous trees, pay particular attention to what the bark looks like, as you don’t always have leaves. Branching, alternate vs. opposite is also important. Opposite branching will get you down to only a couple genus, with maples being one. I’m to the point that I look at those two things first in making my identification. But in all fairness, I will admit that I studied forestry many years ago.
  10. I’ve talked to North Spore and confirmed that the grain spawn was definitely H. erinacus. They suggested that the problem might be CO2 buildup. Will try to fix that on the next batch. I did discover yesterday that I have two grow bags that have mushrooms that are developing straight spines like you would expect. But the other form is also growing on those bags.
  11. Thanks Dave. That’s my take too. Found one of the labels and it indeed says H. erinacus.
  12. Don’t get me wrong. They taste great, produce quickly and in a with a nice yield. I just want to know exactly what it is I’m growing and eating. I realize this is one problem with common names.
  13. Dave, I’m growing them on masters mix. Spawn is supposed to be lions mane from North Spore. Second bag of spawn, they look the same. Taste somewhat like crab. Other pictures below.
  14. Every picture I see of Hericium erinaceus shows straight white teeth. This looks just like it but the teeth branch. Could it be H. americanum ? Or H. coralloides?
  15. Agaricus campestris. Known as pinkies locally. Next year I’ll pick them at a younger stage. Late summer, every rain brought a flush. In the most heavily used part of my horse pasture. Surprisingly the horses never stepped on them. It was not uncommon to pick a hundred or more at a time.
  16. I did that this summer with meadow mushrooms and spread it on a part of the meadow that didn’t have any on it. Will see. But I question why I did this, as I had a hard time keeping up with the ones that were growing- and this was a dry summer for us!
  17. No. On grow bags. Pasteurized 6 more bags today. Will do two more then inoculate them tomorrow. Yield from the first set of bags was just over five pounds. Started those mid November
  18. Don’t know about wild lions mane, but the ones I grow will grow back from the spot I cut it from. I would say that’s probably too old to eat. But I’d check it next fall for sure. That appears to be a nice size one.
  19. Six bags now fruiting. I’ve harvested five times so far, averaging 7 to 10 ounces per harvest. Doesn’t sound like much, but as frilly as these are it is.
  20. Does the bottom have spores or teeth? Thinking maybe a Northern Tooth
  21. Middle bag is the one I already harvested. Second flush growing on it.
  22. Mica caps do, don’t know about others Fruit several times a year that is.
  23. Just harvested the first bag and put it back in the shotgun chamber to fruit again. Harvest was just over 10 ounces. Pic of it before I picked it. And one of it picked. Will probably make crab cakes tomorrow
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