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  1. lobsters just aren't that appealing to some people, including me. They don't smell attractive. I don't think the talk about Hypomyces potentially parasitizing toxic Amanita is BS, I think it is just cautionary. In order for it to be BS it would have to be presented as fact, and I've never seen it presented as fact (if it has, please correct me). But its wise to keep that possibility in mind and not discount it since you often can't identify the parasitized mushroom and Amanita are known to be parasitized by members of the genus.
  2. I'm confident Dave is correct in his guess. But you are too late!
  3. I read that too quickly last fall. Most of the neurological incidents cited were NOT due to undercooked morels. Does anyone know how long after consumption the alcohol-morel interaction can happen? Most of what I've read says "don't drink alcohol with morels" but what about later that day? With alcohol inkys you can get side effects if you drink alcohol days after eating them. Is that the case with morels too?
  4. I found morels today in central Oregon, and they were not in a recently burned area.
  5. very interesting, thanks for posting! I never eat raw wild mushrooms, but I was not aware of the "well-known" toxicity of morels. I just knew its never wise to eat wild mushrooms raw. I also never eat large quantities of any mushroom.
  6. Paranoid is good. It keeps you on this side of the dirt.
  7. I think you have more than one species there but I could be wrong...not familiar with those personally.
  8. Did you try to attach pictures? Because we'll need pictures.
  9. Always wise to just eat a small bit of a new-to-you fungus though.
  10. Unfortunately I won't get down there until December or January, when the Sacramentos will be buried in snow.
  11. I've been hunting mushrooms off and on for years and this is the first year I've ever seen black trumpets and the first year I've found large numbers of any chanterelle. The best way to find chanterelles in my opinion is just to go out and enjoy looking at all the mushrooms. As mentioned above they can be very spotty. You might find none at many similar places and then suddenly lots of them. You are not doing anything wrong. They are rarely easy.
  12. Nice! Such a beautiful area. I never get to enjoy mushroom season there...
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