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  1. very interesting, thanks for posting! I never eat raw wild mushrooms, but I was not aware of the "well-known" toxicity of morels. I just knew its never wise to eat wild mushrooms raw. I also never eat large quantities of any mushroom.
  2. Paranoid is good. It keeps you on this side of the dirt.
  3. I think you have more than one species there but I could be wrong...not familiar with those personally.
  4. Did you try to attach pictures? Because we'll need pictures.
  5. Always wise to just eat a small bit of a new-to-you fungus though.
  6. Unfortunately I won't get down there until December or January, when the Sacramentos will be buried in snow.
  7. I've been hunting mushrooms off and on for years and this is the first year I've ever seen black trumpets and the first year I've found large numbers of any chanterelle. The best way to find chanterelles in my opinion is just to go out and enjoy looking at all the mushrooms. As mentioned above they can be very spotty. You might find none at many similar places and then suddenly lots of them. You are not doing anything wrong. They are rarely easy.
  8. Nice! Such a beautiful area. I never get to enjoy mushroom season there...
  9. Yes I tasted the stipe of the large one (which is all I have left in the fresh state) and it was pretty tasteless. I was able to get a picture of the reticulation on the upper stipe The fat old stipe is 1.75 inches diameter..
  10. Well they are not fungi first of all, but it would seem unwise to eat/drink them if they are potentially toxic. https://pfaf.org/user/Plant.aspx?LatinName=Monotropa+uniflora has some additional information on its medicinal use. It looks like you'd have to buy the book to find out what literature the citations refer to, as they only give numbers not names.
  11. I wouldn't bet on that. I haven't been collecting them or trying to pin down exactly what they are but I am finding pure white presumed Amanitas that could be A. bisporigera or kin in northern WI and MN. I haven't felt like mixing them in and bringing them home with my edibles. Here's a couple pics Just curious, what is the choice edible to which you refer? Where are you finding those Dig? In the Sacramentos or Guadalupes? As soon as mushroom season is over up here I hope to be heading that way, but it will be over by the time I get there too.
  12. Crazy. I found a frog once with an eye in its throat. Kinda reminds me of that but a lot less creepy.
  13. I found them in WI under birch maple and oak with scattered large aspen yesterday. We don't have any beech.
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