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Found 9 results

  1. Hello! Sorry for not having better/more images. My friend has recently discovered mushrooms near her apartment in Central Florida. Best guesses I had were some kind of Boletus and maybe some Lobster mushrooms. For the Bloetus, maybe Sensibilis or Oliveisporus? I cannot find any images online that look like these. But I am interested in what they are!! 🍄 Thank you in advance!!
  2. I think this Mushroom is flammulina velutipes but it may also be galerina marginata, also known as the deadly galerina. I noticed this mushroom has no visible ring zone. I know that sometimes the ring zone isn't always visible on galerina.
  3. Not sure if im doing this correct, this is my first post! My fiance and I found these guys hiking today, we are novice mushroom hunters. Just hoping to get ids if possible. Happy new year to all! This mushroom was found near fallen palm. Mushroom #2 Found near pine. This one is sort of a dull yellow/brown with dark pink gills and meat when cut open. #3 off white with Darker spot on center of cap. Lighter Gills and stalk. From fallen pine #4 orage mushrooms growing on the side of a log, don't remember smooch kind. Harder texture, no gills, thck orange dust when rubbed. No gills. #5 small dirty whie balls filled with brown stuff
  4. Anyone have ideas on this little yellow/orange oddball? Found in northwest Washington in a forest of mostly cedar and alder, close to a large wetland. Just curious about this little guy.
  5. This mushroom is old and moldy but it’s interesting and I’ve never seen anything like it. Does anyone have any idea of what kind of mushroom this is
  6. Hey guys I need help identifying these mushrooms so I know if there edible or not I found them in my back yard I live in south west Missouri if that helps. Thanks!!?
  7. Hello all, I've picked up several of these a week ago at the Pinery provincial park (SW Ontario, Lake Huron). Curious if you could help me id'ing them - I don't even know how to call that vertical "fringe" on the stipe. The mushrooms had white, a bit yellow flesh in the cap, tubes darkened a bit on breaking, Stipe flesh was reddish on the outer part, yellow inside, slender. Cap was a bit flaky to smooth, light brown. They grew close to the slow river bank, mixed forest (pines/maples/oaks/whatever else). Thanks!
  8. So far it seems like there's no shortage of these pore bottomed guys from coast to coast. Found them on a family bike trip at Hilton Falls Agreement Forest in a maple section. I took some samples to print and disect but overall they werent great looking, mostly rotten, ranged in dime size to hand size. There seems to be a lot of different types of Suillus. Pretty sure they're not a bolete type but I wouldn't know as this is the first year I've found this type of deal.
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