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  1. I didnt pick so I dont have a spore print. There were a pack of 4 of these guys growing in the grass, all identical. The multipe rings and lack of warts threw me off. ** the greyish color on top of the mushrooms os florida sand. It cakes on everything low to the ground after it rains.
  2. Found the strangest green mushrooms on a hike with my boyfriend. The texture was spongy. They were located in the woods on a fallen pine. I didnt get a spore print.
  3. Hi yall! My fiance an i went on a hike and found an epic amount of mushrooms. Trying to get ids on them all if possible, starting out with this one. Its purplish with brown on the cap. Our location is central florida
  4. Sorry about that Dave! Creating multiple posts now.
  5. #6 white mushroom... I know these can be difficult. Solid white, found in a field of both fallen pine and palm.
  6. Not sure if im doing this correct, this is my first post! My fiance and I found these guys hiking today, we are novice mushroom hunters. Just hoping to get ids if possible. Happy new year to all! This mushroom was found near fallen palm. Mushroom #2 Found near pine. This one is sort of a dull yellow/brown with dark pink gills and meat when cut open. #3 off white with Darker spot on center of cap. Lighter Gills and stalk. From fallen pine #4 orage mushrooms growing on the side of a log, don't remember smooch kind. Harder texture, no gills, thck orange dust when rubbed. No gills. #5 small dirty whie balls filled with brown stuff
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