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  1. For the first photo, yes, i think some sort of mycena as well. It was the size of mycena, but it was the first time i encountered a shroom with this color . Well since u liked them, here are photos of my yesterday's walk. The first three are lactarius semisanguifluus. They have green along with orange, and they are very tasty but really sneaky! U gotta look carefully under the leaves to find them! In photo no 3 u can barely see them under the leaves...! Photo no 4 is a j.d. mushroom (i like to call the ones i dont know John Does). Last photo is a purplish kind of mushroom, J.D. as well. I
  2. Well i know only a few of them... Photo no 2 is i think a Cortinarius Dibaphus No 3 Lactarius Salmonicolor No 4, 5 some sort of mycena No 5 Coprinus Comatus No 6 Macrolepiota Procera No 11 Clavariadelphus Truncatus No12 Lactarius Salmonicolor
  3. Well few people know that, but greece's region is 80% mountains. There are smthn like 50 peaks over 2000 m. So hiking is quite an option here! And now that temperatures are relatively low (below 18 C, that is), with rain, thete are lots of mushrooms around! A mushroom i found yesterday. I think it is Clathrus ruber. There were lots of flies around, but thats how the spores are spread
  4. Hi all, went hiking a couple of times and shot some nice mushroom photos. Thought i should share them with u.
  5. Yes, it is the first time i see such a big macrolepiota as well! Thanks for the reply Dave!
  6. Found it today, next to the road, under some conifers. Cap diametr 25cm. Stem length 25 cm. Really big! Could use it as an umbrella...! I think its macrolepiota, i m not sure. Next to it was his small brother. are these macrolepiota procera?
  7. Thanks for the reply Dave! So, the stem of my favorite mushroom is scrobiculate! It is a pity the shroom in question is not edible, but as i ve read here, only 10% are!
  8. Unfortunately the photos got mixed up while uploading... In the top two photos, the Lactarius is the one on the left. In general, it has paler color, with more shades of orange. The stem has those characteristic "marks" on it, that u can see in photos 2 and 3 from the end.
  9. Well, continuing the discussion, i went back and took pictures from the mushrooms. I also have photos of Lactarius i found. I think they are really different. Maybe the photos in the first post were not really good. Here we see that the color is not orange shades like the lactarius. The stem is also really different - the lactarius has something like marks on its stem. The other mushroom not. Also, the gills of unknown mushroom go down the stem. In the first four photos we see the unknown mushroom. In the rest we see it next to a Lactarius - L. Sanguifluus, i think. The ph
  10. Ok, thanks Dave! I ll go back tomorrow. and check them out again - and take new photos, i guess. It is the first time i see a Lactarius like that. It is far different than the L. Deliciosus and The L. Salmonicolor that i m used to...
  11. Hi there, Found these mushrooms in mixed forest (fir and others), 300 m altitude. The first bunch was griwing under a tree with dead branches around. The second bunch (last two photos) under a cut log and branches. Maybe they were growing ON a dead branch, but sadly i aint sure. Could they be pleurotus? Or some kind of cantharella? I ve never seen this type of shroom at this mountain before...
  12. Yes that is true. I went this morning again and they keep growing happily But i do not think i will pick them. Besides, i am full of last week's Lactarius...
  13. Smelling it has not occured to me. Yes, i ll smell it tomorrow morning (i ll go again for my morning walk). I didn't want to uproot them for no reason, thats why i havent checked the bottom... However, the photo before the last one shows it clearly has no bottom ring. Anyway, thanks for the answer. Agaricus it is, so no picking...
  14. Hi there! I m new to cultivating mushrooms. I want to try shiitakes on logs. I went to buy beech tree logs, but they told me they r all dry (they sell it as firewood) and not suitable. Is this true? I have two lemon trees which have dried up and i m about to cut them. Is lemon tree wood suitable for this purpose?
  15. Hi all, i found these mushrooms at a pine forest. Altitude no more than 300m, under a small tree, next to the remains of a trunk. White, with light brown gills. On the stem there is something like a veil. There were several mushrooms of the same kind, in different growth stages. I think this ''ring'' was covering the gills, as can be seen in picture number 3. The biggest mushroom was about 10cm long, with a 6-7 cm cap. My guess is that they are Agaricus Silvicola... In general, i d say i am pretty weary of agarica shrooms, as i am never 100% of their id, therefore i am very reluctant to pick t
  16. Oh, i see! Here it is rather common. After the first rainfalls of autumn the forests have plenty of L. Salmonicolor, L. deliciosus, L. Sanguifluous. Yes, they are really tasty! I usually fry them, and this time i also made a mushroom soup, coz i found really a lot (over 5 kg). It was really awesome!
  17. Thanks for the reply Dave, the darker one is -probably- a lactarius salmonicolor. I give some more pictures below. It has orange color and sometimes -from what i ve seen so far- darker orange stains in the gills.
  18. Hi guys, i went hiking at about 1200m altitude in a fir forest after rainfall and found lots of lactarius. I also found a mushroom that looked a bit like lactarius, but wasnt. The stem was a bit different, and even though the cap was a bit orange, the gills were white. In the first two photos the bottom left mushroom is a lactarius, the other three are - maybe Hygrophorus pudorinus? The mushrooms in the other photos i have no idea what they are. They were found a bit higher - around 1400m. Maybe some sort of coprinus? According to my guide though, Coprinus Comatus has white scales on the
  19. Yes, concerning the first photos, that's what i thought as well.. The other one i have no clue...
  20. Found them today, on a mountain at the peloponnese. I didn't have enough bags to gather them all. Last photo are clavariadelphus truncatus (i think). Really nice hiking trip!
  21. Found these growing on cow (i think) manure. The ones in the first two photos at altitude about 1500m. Some sort of Panaeolus maybe? The others at 1200m, in fir forest, really humid (on manure again). But they were much different from the first ones... I suspect they are psilocybin mushrooms, but i aint sure.
  22. wow, thanks a lot for the info, guys. Really appreciate it!
  23. Hi all (again) and greetings from Greece! Found these in about 1000m altitude, in a forest of pine and fir. They look like macrolepiota procera to me. The last one was found at about the same conditions - same mountain but different location though. Possibly Calocera (viscosa) or Ramaria? And what is this white thing? Moisture maybe... anyway, thats it! Over here rain is heavy today. Wish me luck! I m looking for Lactarius...
  24. Hi all and greetings from Greece! Rain has been scarce over here, but it finally rained these past days. So mushrooms have started appearing. I found these fellows in a mixed forest (pines and others, even olive trees present). Altitude about 300 m. About 5-7 cm tall, 3-cm cap diameter. They were really cute. At first i thought they might be phalloides, but now i tend to strobiloformis. What do you think?
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