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  1. Found growing in the hills of Tn on a hardwood forest. The highs have been in the 90s and lows in the 70s with some rain. All comments are greatly appreciated!
  2. Okay thanks for the thorough information Dave. The smell was not very pleasant and spores were brown.
  3. Found many of these growing in horse pasture today in Tn. Been rainy and hot in 90s. Any comments are greatly appreciated.
  4. Gotcha I’m sure they’re all the same kind they grew in a patch about 2 foot wide about a dozen total from two flushes. They smell good. But too unsure to do anything with them.
  5. Thanks very much for your response! Well this was very exciting using the microscope to distinguish which mushroom it is. The spores are very angular. Guess that means it’s an Entaloma species. Any idea which kind?
  6. Haha Sounds like we’re stumped. I’ll get out the new microscope and look further into it.
  7. I have a mature one on glass to check prints again. Here’s some updated pics:
  8. 10-4, good to hear from you again Dave! Yes stalks are very breakable like soft twigs or like psathyrellas typically are but much larger. The spore print came back a light brown. Psathyrella Candolleana looks to be very similar.
  9. I’ve had it on a glass all day so far it looks to have a slight shade of brown
  10. Found growing on ground in a hardwood forest, remotely near a wine cap mushroom garden bed here in Tennessee today. Not %100 sure on it. The highs have been in the 70s and lows in lower 60s. with rain the last couple days. But highs have generally been in the upper 80s for weeks. Any comments are greatly appreciated!
  11. Another great tool for the forest is https://fungusid.com/
  12. Oh wow, yes the hunt is definitely on! Dave W. informed me about this website to see where they’ve been finding them in the nation and when. https://www.thegreatmorel.com/morel-sightings/
  13. Okay thanks for the run down! I’ll look into trinocular scopes and see if I can afford one. You were dead on on saying the Morels were here!!! I posted pics of a batch I found literally the next day after you replied. And thanks for the link I didn’t know about that website.
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