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  1. The pics of the first 2 are the same mushrooms; yes growing from bottom of a thick old tree. I did not peel anything; however i have left these mushrooms in cardboard boxes out doors & they have dried naturally while I have been trying to identify them. The 2nd pics are also same mushroom just different pics also dried naturally from being in brown paper or cardboard outdoors. So I was right!!?!? ....the one I thought was hen of woods is hen of the woods!...so now I just have to look up some great recipes and try and rehydrate my mushroom thank you so much you guys! I just now have to tell u what’s going on with those first mushrooms that look more like traditional mushrooms...I have no idea if they’re edible orNot but now that you guys have contributed with a species name, I will look them up online and go from there! I’m very excited that I have these answers thank you guys and now that I know where to post my pictures I’ll be sure to post fresher specimens; this was an act of desperation I assure you I have had them for weeks now and just could not bear to spread the spores & bring them back to the field without knowing what they were & like I said in a previous post I have wasted a few choice mushrooms because I didn’t know what they were and I really kicked myself in the butt for that. So yeah I’m not sure if they will be good rehydrated but now that I know that that’s what it is I’m definitely going to try and figure out a recipe!! I am so grateful to those who posted on this thread!! Echo in London (ON. Canada)
  2. Hi there I’m new to the board and other than introducing myself this is my very first post. I only started mushroom hunting and eating this year 2019. Most of the choice mushrooms that I found at the beginning of the year and thru into summer went to waste because I had problems identifying it, all the mushroom guide books in my area library were unavailable for weeks and weeks, and I found the Internet identification process to be overwhelming and sort of a rabbit hole. I did get a small mushroom guide. Lots of Times I would find a mushroom I know I had seen before but then couldn’t find it again online to confirm the identification. Anyway this fall I found some mushrooms I was sure I would be able to identify easily but never actually was able to find anything similar and I’m very curious to see what these mushrooms could be. So if you can help a newbie that be great. One of those mushrooms is what I thought to be hen of woods, but a young version picked too soon maybe. I went back a week later or maybe even two weeks later and I could not find the spot I found this mushroom to see if it had matured to look more like kind Hen of woods. So it’s been outdoors drying out and I’m still very curious as to what it is. The other one I think is a honey mushroom I found at the bottom of the tree but they’re so large I’m not 100% sure if they are honey mushrooms or not so I’ll include a picture of those too.
  3. Hi there I’ll get better at posting. These r the pics.
  4. I just started mushroom hunting this year 2019 and I absolutely have the best time doing it I found so many wonderful mushrooms. A lot of them were throwaways some of them were choice mushrooms that I couldn’t identify in time and I ended up wasting them and now I’ve had the pleasure of actually picking some wild mushrooms eating them and so excited to find a forum where I can share my finds, post questions & pictures and ideas for recipes!! I have to say mushroom hunting brings me a weird joy I never expected And I’m excited to find some mushroom hunting friends!!!
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