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  1. Will do next time. Didn’t want to flood the forum I guess. Thanks Dave! You obviously know your stuff. I found it interesting that Russula can be eaten if parboiled? But is it even worth it is the question. And used to spice goulash too from what I read.
  2. Yeah definitely not eating anything unless +90% confident haha. I only picked these out of those, got this bottom angle. The cap felt slimy.
  3. Would love to know what these are. If edible, fun, or deadly? I think 2 and 3 are the same?
  4. Thanks guys! Definitely learning a lot here. I’ve always wanted to forage mushrooms, so far I’ve only dared to eat some chanterelles. Might do the nibble spit test... it doesn’t seem to stain. How do I test if it stains?
  5. Found it in my yard. Smells like a common grocery store mushroom. But more pronounced. It’s very firm almost rubbery. You can see the sponge like bottom.
  6. AGL


    Thanks guys! I’m new at mushroom foraging. Just wanted to verify. It was definitely shinier before I picked it, it’s been drying for a bit.
  7. AGL


    Is this a Reishi?
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