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  1. This is a mushroom indentifying fourm am I not correct? psilocybin mushrooms are a big family in the mushroom kingdom, I'd just like to positivitly identify this species and though to ask the experts.
  2. Hi this one may sound strange but I ordered a kit that was 'growers selected' but the grower does not have a clue of to what species I actually got. So thought, where best to ask than here. Does anyone have an idea what is this exact species of psilocybin I got here? Thanks in advance,
  3. Hi mu wife noticed these growing in our indoor pottery of snake plants. Any thoughts on what it might be? Based in the Netherlands
  4. I broke off a part and was trying to obtain the print that way But inside the fridge retarded the production of spore it seems
  5. David you are right, no spore print but my Dutch wife who has a nose for all thing licorice pointed out the scent of anise. Looks like it has turned that reddish brown mentioned overnight. Read that it absorbs metals in the air, but since it was In my backyard probably its good, also read people pick it regularly and consume it. Doesn’t look like the NL has look Look alike, I’ll consume a small about and see what the outcome is before making a bigger breakfast with it. thanks again everyone,
  6. Uprooted it like this, doing a spire print in the fridge
  7. Just wondering if this species stands out at all,
  8. Just sauted them with oil cut in small cubes, with fennel and couscous for breakfast - not bad, but a tad chewy but still moist enough. Was amazed by the smell though, watermelon rind 100%. The chew isn't so bad, in away it reminded me of overcooked beef when I used to eat meat. Thinking about it now it's all about how you process it, even thinking to try 'tendering' it like you do with meat, loosen it up a bit, beat it up. But in a stew or chilli, think it would be a welcomed 'meat' that wouldn't fall apart too easy. Doing a wild mushroom risotto tonight, perhaps to slow cook of it all will aid. Otherwise thinner slices are the way to go. Have you tried jerking mushroom? Could be an interesting specimen to try it on since its chewy to begin with.
  9. I really need to start using the latin naming, also recall it to be Saddleback. But mix reviews on taste, some really enjoy it and has a cucumber, lemon taste - doesn't sound to bad right. Bet it has a lot to do with the age of it, this one has some flex but will break if handled too rough will break - so it seems 'young' enough. Where as I found a huge specimen of Chicken of the woods but it was a bit too dry, which felt more like It'd taste like cardboard/leather so didn't bother harvesting. Gotta give it a go and see for myself. Thanks for the ID thought =)
  10. Found a large specimen growing off of a tree trunk, I know I’ve found this in the past but the post is gone =(. Think it’s a leatherback but not sure 100% thought to ask.
  11. Hey Dave, yup base of an old stacked wood barrier
  12. Found a cluster on one of my walks, pretty sure these are oysters but I’ve thought that before so perhaps I am right this time
  13. Growing beside turkeys tails but I didn’t see the tell tale rings on these and the colour also didn’t match. Would appreciate any clarity
  14. Hey Dave. thanks looks like it for sure, There are some big things ones the size of a cat. Too bad they aren’t choice eats.
  15. Found this growing at the base of the tree, no visible gills, very hearty mushroom. thanks in advance for the I.d
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