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  1. Hey Dave. thanks looks like it for sure, There are some big things ones the size of a cat. Too bad they aren’t choice eats.
  2. Found this growing at the base of the tree, no visible gills, very hearty mushroom. thanks in advance for the I.d
  3. Found these while biking around, any thoughts?
  4. This one was just flying solo, after some bouts of rain. But yes I am in the Netherlands.
  5. I saw this guy biking in the park, thought some teenagers planted a white dildo from afar. I’ve seen this shape with the frills in a photo somewhere but I have no idea what it is. Sorry, pretty sure are shaggy manes ?
  6. Thanks Dave, still only found the first batch awhile ago - love to find some more. Only white spore prints will do
  7. Found a new batch of these growing out of a tree, I’m pretty sure they are golden oysters I hear all about. Gills going straight to the base just want to check with my first wild spotting
  8. I was hoping for St,George but the gills are darker. I am doing a spore for the I.d, but they were beside an active road so not going to consume
  9. I think I’ve also found these before in #3
  10. Found a cluster of these, I kinda they they are close or are Agrocybe pediades like I found in #6.
  11. Found these growing in a friends horse field in a small cluster. Going to do a spore print but curious for an I.d.
  12. Pyza

    I.d #3

    Hey Dave I think I’ve found these guys again or am I wrong ? Growing right out of an old Fallen branch.
  13. Found this guy growing inside an old dead tree, spotted it from aways because of the colour. My first thoughts are chicken of the woods based on color I.d, texture (moist not slimy) kinda reminds of how crab meat peels. I saw a bit of a shelf but since it was inside the tree it wasn't a clean classic chicken if the woods I’ve seen pics of. Smell.. is there a certain aroma it should be, there isn’t anything overpowering but it for sure has a bit of a presence. Any look alikes or is this fairly night night and day? Thanks in advance.
  14. Pyza

    I.d #5

    Hi Dave, Thanks so much again for your insights, it was really good to get deep into the identification of the mushroom at hand. I think it's also good to weight your risks as to know what the possible look alike may do to you. I saw in this case that it was mild discomfort for the most part - no immediate deaths. So that weight in with the work you helped me to figure out with this mushroom was enough to give it ago. Smell was a big one, when cut it does smell like cucumbers yet the look alikes also smell foul - I never thought of the concept to smell a mushroom! I thought we didn't have enough for a big meal for my wife and I so I bought some store bought oyster mushrooms that almost looked identical when chopped and cooked. Looking forward to some more positive I.ding
  15. Pyza

    I.d #5

    Did the taster waited 30 mins and no sweats or I’ll affects. When cut you really smell 🥒 cucumber. Spore print showed up white against white laminate. Tasty mushroom, cooked with olive oil, spring onion, eggs and homemade sourdough.
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