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  1. Dave, Thanks again for your response. Very helpful. I found a few others that I cut open in the fall (pictures added) to find the darkening of the pores, which I believe is a good indicator that you've found edible (or even King) Bolete's. I'll spend more time this fall finding more and picking them to properly identify them. They are a mushroom that appears to grow in this area and I would love to add them to my repertoire of edible mushrooms as I understand they're quite delicious. If you can spare a moment, perhaps you could also weigh in on these two pictures and tell me what you think. Again, a mushroom I'm very keen to get to know, so your knowledge and time are greatly appreciated.
  2. August and British Columbia. How did you know it was taken in Canada? I thought all Bolete's were edible. I assumed this was a king Bolete.
  3. I once went to a mushroom walk and tutorial with a few experts and they all referred to those as LBM's. Little brown mushrooms. I guess there's so many varieties of small brown mushrooms that most aren't named. Perhaps that's the variety you've stumbled upon outside your pub.
  4. Thanks for the help. Wish I knew that at the time, there was quite a few of them. Could have had a feast!
  5. Took this picture because it was so big (sons head for reference) but then did some research and I'm thinking now I may have been in a giant patch of Boletes. Can anyone help identify?
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