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  1. I live on HWY 665 on the edge of this Wildlife Management Area. http://www.wlf.louisiana.gov/sites/default/files/pdf/wma/2790-pointe-aux-chenes-wma/pointeauxchenes.pdf
  2. Nice! I've been looking for lions mane for years with no luck.
  3. I'll post pictures as it goes. I may just buy a few small prefab sheds and save a lot of work.
  4. Hello. I live a short hike from a nature reserve in South Louisiana and was raised in the traditional Cajun culture which means eating lots of wild foraged foods. I've been a fungi fan since my first of countless trips into the woods with family to hunt and gather among other foods oyster mushrooms..I've been much more active lately in researching, hunting and as of this past fall growing mushrooms. I've inoculated several logs with oyster mushrooms with plugs from wild trees and every one produced at least a few mushrooms and I even have a few logs on the second to fourth flush. I plan on building a three room grow house over the summer and if all goes well the building will grow along with my growing skills.
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