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  1. Hello All, I'm trying to conceptualize a potential work trip that involves foraging as well as hopefully spotting Coprinus and/or Ganoderma (Reishi). The tricky part is the trip must be in March... However, I discovered that March = kick-off to mushroom season in Australia/New Zealand. Would love any and all insights on forests in these regions! Anything would be of great help Many thanks! A
  2. Thank you Vitog! I see that you are based in Vancouver - are there any wilderness spots/hikes that can be done in March in area where one could see Ganoderma growing? Or somewhere temperate in PNW? Thank you!
  3. I'm inquiring all great mycology minds!!! I've been tasked to physically locate Reishi (or another mushroom in genus Ganoderma) in the month of March. Does anyone know which locations (anywhere in the world) would have reishi growing during this time? Is it possible to find in Japan? or perhaps Chile or Argentina? Any and all recommendations will be greatly appreciated!! And, if anyone happens to know if Chaga can be found in March in a unique destination (other than Finland or Norway) would greatly appreciate any and all insights. Many thanks! Alicja
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