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  1. Brown mushroom in the woods with gills

    Thank you! Good to know... the spore print was indeed a light brown to pinkish color... before the specimen turned to goo from the worms infesting it ? I will continue to observe. I come across this mushroom often.
  2. Brown mushroom in the woods with gills

    I've been examining the gills from some that are growing on a well-rotted tree in my yard. I realize the color might be described as "pinkish". The gills are free from the stem and are crowded. I'm doing a spore print right now to know more, however I think this might be a deer mushroom from the pluteus cervinus group. What do you think?
  3. Okay, I see these often in the woods but feel a little embarrassed that I can't identify them. The deer seem to enjoy eating them. They grow on downed hardwood. Their caps have brown to light brown color. Their gills are the same. The stems are white with no ring.
  4. Slimy cap gilled mushroom ID

    I wish I'd had the opportunity to take it home with me to do a spore print! But, that wasn't the case. I'll have to keep an eye out for more, though it was one I'd never seen, so probably pretty rare. I could possibly describe the gills as gray, also. More research needed!
  5. Slimy cap gilled mushroom ID

    I found this very interesting little mushroom this morning on my walk in the woods. Its white cap had a faint pink center and was holding a very thick layer of gooey slime. The edges of the cap seemed to have tan spikes sticking out of the slime. Its stem is yellowish and has a ring. It has slightly beige gills. It was growing on an oak branch on the ground. Small, about the size of a half-dollar coin. I would love to know what this is!
  6. Polypore Bracket mushroom

    Ah yes!! I believe you are correct. I could not find this info anywhere, but Trametes cubensis absolutely fits the best.
  7. Polypore Bracket mushroom

    I have been hunting mushrooms just in the last few months and have begun to notice these in my local woods. They are thick and rubbery. The caps have pale indistinct bands of brown and cream, no velvet, with lumpy centers in the semi-circle. I thought they might be trametes gibbosa, but they don't have elongated pores on the bottom! They're normal round pores. I find them on downed trees, usually oaks.