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  1. As long as they get ample moisture & ventilation (ventilation is important too) should be okay. I usually kept mine in a hardwood area because that's all I have on my property. It was great when there was foliage on the trees but when the foliage was gone I had to water them regularly if we had a dry spell especially in the spring. Since you're doing oysters and shiitake I would probably keep the logs separated just because the oysters colonize faster and once they fruit they give off a fairly heavy spore load and the oyster spores may colonize your shiitake logs if they are nearby.
  2. I think what I found here is Bondarzewia berkeleyi but not 100% sure. I found it a the base of a mature oak tree. I tore a couple of pieces of the fungus apart and there was no bruising or staining of any color. Unfortunately I was unable to get a good spore print just very faintly white. I think it already dropped most of its spores because some of the underlying shelves looked as if they had a thin white layer of powder (spores) on top of them. It had a woody type mushroom smell to it with a very slight hint of black licorice also.
  3. Found these in south-central Pa. yesterday. They were growing in wood chips under oak trees. I'm not sure what type of wood the wood chips were though. After looking through my mushroom identification books and on mushroom expert online, the closest id I can come with is Pluteus petasatus. Is this an accurate id? I appreciate any input on this.
  4. Thanks GJC and Dave. I think that may be a reflection on photo #7. I was hoping by the time i was able to visit the area where I found these there would be more so I could take a better spore print but there wasn't
  5. I found these in wood chips/mulch/soil surrounding a magnolia tree in south-central Pa.. I know the spore print is a little lacking, probably should have left the cap set longer.
  6. Found this in south-central Pa. this week. It was in a bed of wood chips. Nearby trees were coniferous, I think some type of spruce or similar looking tree. Thanks.
  7. Found this in central pa. last week. It was the only one I saw. It was in a wooded area with a good amount of green vegetation on the forest floor. It was at the base of a tree or what was left of the tree. It looked like the tree had been dead for a lot of years. The soil was more loamy than soil like, almost like it was accumulated compressed decayed wood. I apologize for the lack and the quality of pictures. At first I thought it may be stropharia, but I'm not sure. The spore point as best as I can tell is purple black.
  8. Went back to the same spot yesterday & found 70 more. I looked at some of my other spots & only found a couple of black ones or none. I haven't found any white ones yet. Seems like a hit-or-miss year to me.
  9. Had a similar observation last week thinking the black morel season was about over especially after hearing people were starting to find white ones . I only found two small ones but decided to let them there and come back this week. Yesterday I found these at the same spot. These were all fresh and no old ones.
  10. What strains were you interested in getting? The grow kits are probably set up to fruit soon after you receive them. The sawdust blocks may or may not be 100% colonized or at the fruiting stage when you receive them. In the past in our area I've inoculated most of my logs for shitake beginning in late March which would be approximately 10 weeks. So you figure you would like to get more than one flush from your kit/block which would add 1 to 3 weeks or longer for each flush depending on the type of mushroom, strain & conditions. If you're planning on using your spent grow kit for log inoculation another thing to consider is once the kit/block or parts of them are exposed to open air you run the risk of the spawn getting contaminated with mold, bacteria, etc.
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