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  1. BigGameHunter

    Which One to Try?

    Your welcome & good luck!!
  2. BigGameHunter

    Which One to Try?

    What strains were you interested in getting? The grow kits are probably set up to fruit soon after you receive them. The sawdust blocks may or may not be 100% colonized or at the fruiting stage when you receive them. In the past in our area I've inoculated most of my logs for shitake beginning in late March which would be approximately 10 weeks. So you figure you would like to get more than one flush from your kit/block which would add 1 to 3 weeks or longer for each flush depending on the type of mushroom, strain & conditions. If you're planning on using your spent grow kit for log inoculation another thing to consider is once the kit/block or parts of them are exposed to open air you run the risk of the spawn getting contaminated with mold, bacteria, etc.
  3. BigGameHunter

    Which One to Try?

    When you say sawdust spawn kits, do you mean the actual sawdust spawn blocks or the mushroom grow kits they have listed on their website? If you mean their grow kits, I would do both. With the grow kits you would likely see sooner results than plug spawn. Also, depending on the strain you get it may fruit well indoors but when you transfer it outdoors to a different substrate it may not yield as well and vice versa. Some shitake strains are this way although oysters don't seem be as selective. The fruiting of a grow kit may not coincide with the inoculation time of your logs if you relied on the spent grow kit to inoculate your logs. If you mean their sawdust spawn blocks, I would just do the sawdust spawn instead of the plugs unless you want to do several strains of mushrooms then I would do the plugs for your best bang for your buck. In my experience sawdust is seems to colonize a log faster than plugs. If you do logs you'll also need wax to seal up the inoculation points so the plug or sawdust spawn doesn't dry out.
  4. BigGameHunter

    Grifola Frondosa?

    Thank you!!
  5. BigGameHunter

    Grifola Frondosa?

    I’ve never found grifola frondosa before but I think this is what I found but not 100% sure. From the research I have done it usually grows at the base of oak or beech but this was found in the soil at the base of a large dead maple tree. I did not have my phone on me when I found it so the images are not where I found it. There is no staining when bruised & the spore print is white. Any help would be appreciated.
  6. From my experience with growing shitake, it does turn brown on the outside of the block before pinning/fruiting begins. Usually there is more browning than what is in your photos but that could also be related to the strain you have.
  7. BigGameHunter

    First Chanterelles of 2018

    Looks like Virginia creeper to me.
  8. Good afternoon, Purchased two books the other day. One being "Mushrooms of the Northeast" by Teresa Marrone and Walt Sturgeon. Something small enough I carry with me in the woods. The other one being "Boletes of Eastern North America" by Alan Bessette, William C. Roody and Arleen Bessette. There are a lot of bolete type mushrooms in my area.
  9. BigGameHunter

    Scaly Inky Cap?

    Thank you!
  10. BigGameHunter

    Scaly Inky Cap?

    Good morning, Found these a week or so ago in south-central Pa. The closest I can come with is Coprinopsis variegata but what I’ve read about it is it grows on dead wood or wood chips. The nearest tree was probably 15 yards away & there wasn’t any wood chips nearby either. Any ideas? thanks