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  1. Could be chanterelle, Jack o lantern, false chanterelle but consult one of the experts I'm just an amateur
  2. Found a bunch of these today Double checking to see if they're mica's Very fragile, dark gills, slimy to touch, found on a rotting tree stump (don't know the type possibly eucalyptus)
  3. No, I think it was just dirt because I scratched them both and it did nothing.
  4. To my knowledge there's only one type of bracket fungi which is edible and that chicken of the woods. Which is really easy to identify and has no lookalikes (if you look underneath it and find no gills). There maybe others that I'm unaware of.
  5. Ok, thanks for the help. They seem to stain brown. There quite pretty I wonder if I could cultivate them.
  6. I found these beauties in a Blackbutt forest. Are they edible? I heard that all boletes are edible, it that true?
  7. Oh wait... these aren't shiny, these are another species of polypore oops. can someone tell me which one?
  8. Oysters are very easy to grow, there's not much chance of contamination because the mycelium grows so quickly and they can grow on practically any substrate.
  9. I am (almost) 100% certain these are reishi mushrooms. Can somebody double check cause I'm new at mushroom hunting. I should also state that they bruise red and the stem is REALLY tough.
  10. I don't think it would be any Psathyrella species because the cap (probably can't see it on the picture) was quite meaty and around 10cm in diameter. Anyways thanks for your help, this one is left a mystery.
  11. I don't what else it could be. It also has no rings, no volva and a light brownish volva. It was also growing 1 metre away from a destroying angel(unless there another mushroom which is blanch white and has a volva).
  12. I've recently been looking for wild mushrooms and found 3(I had to retreat because of mozzies).The ones on the left I think are prince mushrooms (agaricus Augustus) but I'm not quite sure,I found them next to eachother under a tree (I think it was a pine).Does anyone know for sure?
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