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  1. Still a few more mushrooms, this week of winter in Cape Town. The one that looks like a boletus is not the real one, I believe this one will give you stomach problems. The Pine Rings were excellent. See ones I cooked with garlic, olive oil and onion on low fire. Need to watch out for the monkeys especially when they are in groups of 20 or 30 around your area. They also seem to eat mushrooms and if disturbed can attack.
  2. Lactarius Deliciosus. I only collect these and the Porcini that I know.
  3. Today, my Italian friend that knows these mushrooms, when he saw them, he immediately said: they are Boletus! I asked him what type and he mentioned Boletus Edilus, so we eat them. Apparently there are very common around here.
  4. OK. thanks. Europeans tell me they are Boletus Aereos, edible, Cape Town is Mediterranean climate and trees came mainly from Europe. We keep in touch.
  5. Hi I am new in this Forum. I collected in Cape Town yesterday, together with others to follow. Please assist identify this Boletus type and give your opinion on if it is edible. See cut one. I need a second opinion. Many Thanks
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