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  1. Thanks for the info; I figured they were probably a conocybe variety. I'm seeing a lot more lately as it's been raining. should I be concerned about these harming my pets?
  2. I found these growing in a grassy area after a rainstorm in Northern California. They were growing in bunches of about 5-6 each, and have a color that ranges from off white to dark tan, with a. Yellow cast. The mature stems are about 3 inches, with caps of about 1 inch. They smell like white button mushrooms and bruise a brownish color. i am assuming these are either poisonous or not very tasty even if they aren't, so I have no intentions of eating one. I just want to identify them for fun and the educational value.
  3. Hello to all! I am here because I have loved mushrooms and fungi of all different varieties for pretty much my entire life. to explain my name, one of my earliest memories was of poking puffballs with sticks as a kid to watch the spore clouds fly. We're having a very wet and mild winter, so I'm finding mushrooms all over my lawn and in the woods right now, and would love to get involved in identification. I also hope to learn to grow gourmet mushrooms like chanterelles soon.
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