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Found 6 results

  1. I came across these mushrooms on a hike today and I was curious as to what they were.. also if they’re edible because my wife has never tried fresh wild mushrooms. I was looking for chicken of the woods but found these instead.
  2. Can you help me to identify this mushroom? It was growing on lawn under oaks in Finland this September.
  3. This is the first year I’ve seen this sort of mushroom in my yard. I noticed one about 2 weeks ago when I was mowing and then today, after a storm overnight, I noticed that over 20 had suddenly popped up. Cany anyone confirm the identity of this strange mushroom?
  4. So i was in the backyard and touched some mushrooms and then I touched my mouth can anyone Id these and let me know if I should be worried?
  5. This is the mushroom bunch I found while hiking in the Himalayan region of Uttarakhand, India. In Almora district to be precise. It has brownish gills with very less amount of spore print. Although the little anount of spores that were collected were dark brown in colour. The top is totally white with someof them having very pale blue linings at the periphery. Kindly help me identify this species.
  6. So am a young person that sometimes go to walk to the forest. It happened that with my husband we just bought a house in front of a big forest where I can scape and breath great air. I love to take pictures so one day walking with the camera I decided to take some mushs and start to learn about it. I have intentions of buy books and stuff but I need your help to identify this cute little mushs I took from my last walking around. Name of them, some information it will be very wellcome! Thanks a lot. By the way we live near to Quebec city, specifically around 40 minutes to the north of the center.
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