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Found 3 results

  1. I have spent many hours trying to figure out what this big boy is. I would be thrilled if anyone could ID it! LOCATION: Was found in a tight cluster of 7 other like mushrooms; point of growth was the base of a decomposing stump.(oak tree{located on a slight down-slope in the woods[bark sample in photos]}) Indiana, USA
  2. Hello everyone, can anyone one tell me what type of mushroom is growing in my yard based on the information/pictures below? I near Nashville, TN. The mushrooms were found in my yard in partially shaded areas under two trees. They grow in clusters and are very short (barely at the level of the top of the grass). They turn brownish as they age and are silimar in color to the back side of falling leaves when they're new. I tried to get a spore print by pressing the gills on white paper but the transfer was mostly clear with a few grayish smudges. I don't think I have a very distinct sense of smell when it comes to mushrooms but they smelled similar to a portebella in my opinion. I would like to know if these mushrooms are harmful to pets. I have no intentions on eating them.
  3. Found these (images attached) growing on the edge of my lawn, in the county of Cheshire, UK. It's probably common but i can't seem to identify it, so need some help thanks. Would attempt a spore print but i don't want to disturb it. All images are of the same species i believe. Is the specimen in IMG_269 in an early stage? Largest has a span of 21.50 cm with a stem of ~8.50 cm, with others that i could easily measure having spans of 9.00,9.00,11.50 and 11.00 centimetres respectively.
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