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Found 3 results

  1. Hi! I have been observing these for a while in the woods behind my house for a while now. They started out as these little bulbs on the surface of the ground and recently sprouted up and revealed these little black bulbs. Does anyone know what these are called?
  2. O.K. Another day finding a few mushrooms. I'm going to make some guesses on these to see if people agree with my opinion based on personal research and feedback from the forum. I am going to use common terms at this point, and let people offer the scientific names. "Database Dave" probably has some slam dunk answers, as always. Ha. A. Found side of road on grass. Seems like an obvious Shaggy Mane. I tell you, you never notice these mushrooms until you start paying attention! Anyway, there were 4 in one spot. B. My guess. Shaggy Parasol. Found growing under tree (there were two) in a small woods by cottage. Couple of pics of the tree I found it under. Smells like a mushroom, but strong. Gills look like they are whitest originally but turning brown. Research says this type (if it is a saggy parasol) is a choice edible. Anyone have experience trying this? I was surprised. Looks neat, but not tasty. C. These are those nasty "black smoke" puffballs. I forget what we called them as kids. I'm curious if it qualifies as a mushroom. I know you wouldn't eat it, whatever it is! D. Based on research and feedback, Marasmius oreades, Fairy Ring mushrooms is my opinion. White spore print. Would we say these are safe to try and consume? Found on grass. When I smell them, can't really smell much of anything. E. Found in woods. Small. No idea what these might be yet. F. Looks like a nice King Bolete to me. Finding boletes to eat has been my favorite part of this hobby so far. Taste great. G. OK I will get technical on this one and say this is Amanita muscaria var. guessowii , young and older version. H. Ahh, so here is a big one for me. Are these Chanterelles? Found on grass but growing under tree (pictured). I couldn't really smell them UNTIL I cut the stem, which was white inside but pretty quickly discoloured reddish-brown. The smell was not typical mushroomy. I have a hard time trying to pick a smell. It just smelled sort of fresh, like a garden salad or something. So, I am guessing this are mature Chanterelles. Working on some spore prints. Regarding H., looking at the photos now I realize they didn't capture how orange the mushroom actually was. The picture of the gills is close to accurate, and that color is what you see on the top of the cap. Don't know why the camera washed out all the color on the cap but just imagine it looking closer to the color of the gills. Late. I can submit more photo on request. I picked a sample of most of these.
  3. So, here are some more, err, perhaps "interesting" varieties. I am guessing some of these would make you high or maybe kill you! So, no intention to eat them, but still would like to identify them. Since I don't plan to eat these, I will make a few guesses on what they are. Also, my camera was losing battery fast, so I could only take quick photos in the field before the battery ran out. So the quality of some is less than desirable. Too much sun hurt some shots. Note: All these mushrooms were found on or just beside grassy areas near the ocean. A few growing near a few small stands of trees (which I will mention.) Sample A: Thought this was a possible death cap(!) at first. Now, leaning towards false death cap. Also maybe a small Fly Agaric. Sample B: Small Fly Agaric or False death cap? Near a small hedge of trees. Balsam Fir or Spruce. Sample C: Same as B, except smaller (I think). Found beside some trees, but also just beside open grass. Balsam Fir or Spruce. Again, everything is near the ocean. Note: I believe these A, B and C are all the same variety at this point, but different stages of growth. They were all found within a 60 foot radius of each other. I love the way B looks. Just like the classic cartoon mushroom. Will try and do a bit of a spore print on it. Sample D: Found very near some evergreen trees. Balsam Fir or Spruce. I have no idea what these are. Color is weird purplish. I will do spore print. Sample E: I believe these are might be "shrooms", which are supposedly fairly common here in PEI. Very tiny. Color difference is because I used flash one time. The true color is between what the two photos show. Medium-to-light brown would best describe the color. Very tiny. Sample F: Maybe these are same as D, but more mature? They are no bigger though. These were on open grass. Anyway, haven't researched these very hard because, again, with no plan to eat them they don't "scare" me. However, I do plan to try and figure them all out, but thought I would post there here quickly to give people here a good shot at identifying them. Any help appreciated.
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