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Hi folks,

Is this a death cap? It was growing (two side by side) on soil with some bark mulch among a mix of Doug fir and Maple.

I have not taken a spore print.














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The photos are small files, not able to zoom in on details. I'm not completely confident about saying this is not an Amanita, but I think it's a dark-spored mushroom; the gills appear to be slightly darkened. Some of the details that would help are sighted below.

Stropharia ambigua... gills should be attached to the stalk and the stalk should have fluffy scales or flakes on the surface; dark purple-brown spore print.

Leratiomyces riparius... gills attached to the stalk; dark purple-brown spore print. 

Agaricus species... gills completely free of stalk (not reaching stalk); brown spore print.

If it is an Amanita the spore print will be white. Most Amanita mushrooms have free gills, but occasionally there are thin attachments that may even run a short distance down the stalk.

Spore print should be collected on non-absorbent surfaces, one white and one black. Using a surface that absorbs liquid --like non-glossy paper-- can draw moisture out of the mushroom, which can cause the paper to stain. 

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Thanks Dave.

I'll have to find another specimen for a spore print, since I tossed that one.

But here is a zoomed in picture of the gills. They are attached to the stalk.

It does look like Stropharia ambigua; and description of habitat (wood chips) fits.

Stalk description matches. Will see about finding another one in the chips/bark mulch and will see if its purple-brown spores or not.







The only thing that I question is the gill color. Mine is more creme in color..while most of the pictures of Stropharia ambigua on the internet are more grey in color.






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