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I found this mushroom along the Cape Fear River in the middle of North Carolina. I have not been able to come across anything else like it. If anyone has any help I would greatly appreciate it. However, I was not able to get very great pictures due to holding onto a tree so I wouldn't fall in. 

Screen Shot 2021-03-29 at 6.24.17 PM.png

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Two things.... First, the photo is a bit blurry. Second, we need to see the undersides of a few of these. Each of these issues may be remedied by harvesting a  few of the fruit bodies. Take them to an area that is well lit but not in direct sunlight. Photograph the specimens showing different aspects.

In-situ photos are useful. Seeing mushrooms in their natural habitat usually provides useful info. But mushrooms are often found growing in areas that are not very well lit. 

My guess is these represent a species of Stereum. But I don't have high confidence in this proposal.  

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