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What are your top 3 reasons for mushroom hunting?

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I started doing it as another means to learn more about nature and enhance my self-reliance. I always feel like I should be closer to nature, understand it better, and make better use of it when I can. Mushroom hunting has its own challenge/reward symbiosis like hunting animals and other plants. And yes, they're yummy and promote health.


I haven't sold them, but maybe I should. I recently threw away a whole wheelbarrow load of various mushrooms that I didn't eat in time and they got freezer burned. I'm going to do more dehydrating this year and less freezing. I hate seeing them go to waste after finding and cleaning them.

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Lots of reasons.  

It’s great exercise. 

it gives me a chance not only to be out in the woods, but introduces me to new places, both wild and tame.  I’m exploring more of our state parks, state game lands and state forests, as well as my own property.

I’ve met some very nice and very mushroom knowledgeable people at our local mushroom club.  They’ve welcomed me as one of their own.

I do like eating them, so much that I’m also experimenting with growing them, oysters, lions mane, chestnut, shiitake and hen of the woods. I’ve learned a lot doing this, and need to learn so much more. Did you know that not enough fresh air flow will cause a CO2 buildup and your lions mane won’t look exactly like it should.

It’s a great hobby.  There is more to learn than I ever can, but that won’t stop me from trying.

It makes for some interesting conversations.  I have one local person now that says he’ll let me know when the giant puffballs appear in his yard so I can get some.  Right now I’m in St Croix.  Had dinner here Wednesday night with a guy who was describing these mushrooms that come up in his garden, here in St Croix   .  What he’s describing has to be giant puffballs.


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