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Where can I buy the COMPLETE already ready spawn / mycelium of Macrolepiota procera (parasol / dapperling) and Boletus edulis to grow?

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Please, Where can I buy the COMPLETE already ready spawn / mycelium of:

1) Macrolepiota procera (parasol / dapperling) and:
2) Boletus edulis

to grow? Please, any links?

When I say: "the COMPLETE already ready spawn / mycelium", I mean... just to put it into a ground in a garden. And in a few months to see beautiful mushrooms.

I do not mean to buy any seeds but I mean, already ready all the things including the soil and whatever what is needed, everything together, one mix. Just to put it into a ground in a garden. Because, please, understand, I have no experience how to grow any mushrooms.

Many thanks for any links!

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Mushroom Mountain sells Parasol spawn.

I am not sure if they ship to Canada. Also as they are located in South Carolina, their spawn may be more suitable to warmer climates. However, London (Ontario, I presume) is reasonable mild compared to where I am. One person who lives close to me, does harvest huge Parasols, usually in early September. They grow on an very old (30+ year) abandoned manure and garden waste pile at the edge of an old hay field. They appeared there naturally. So Parasol type mushroom do grow in cold climates

As far as I know, B. edulis has not been commercially produced with any success. I find plenty of them in mixed forest: aspen, red maple, bur oak, spruce and balsam fir.

The easiest mushroom to grow in a backyard garden is Wine Caps. Just put 4-6 inches of wood chips (not conifer) onto open ground, preferably shaded. Add the spawn. It will produce late summer  and then several times for the next 2-3 years. Wylie Mycologicals near Owen Sound sells it but they are currently still on winter holiday.

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