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hiii!! i live in georgia and was out hunting shroomies when i found this guy! i have tried everything to find out what he¬†is with no luck!! ūüė® he¬†was growing on a fallen log and the weather has been around 60 degrees if that helps!¬†


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No confident ID proposal. But it looks like the white fuzz seen on the surface nay be a secondary fungal growth, maybe Syzyrites megalocarpus. Mushroom Exper says this "fuzz" starts out yellow and becomes gray. But Champignons du Quebec shows a few photos of white fuzz.


https://www.mycoquebec.org/bas.php?trie=S&l=l&nom=Syzygites megalocarpus / Moisissure à grands sporanges&tag=Syzygites megalocarpus&gro=104

Assuming this secondary growth idea is correct, we then would like to make a guess at what type of mushroom is the the host species. The small cluster as well as the solitary one feature truncate apices; flat/planar. I think these may be bases of stems left behind when someone cut off the upper portions. My best guess here is these are stumps of some mushrooms that had been harvested, and then the remains were colonized by Syzygites. Maybe Armillaria? 

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I’m no pro, but looks to me like mushroom stems after mushrooms have been picked or eaten. Could have been oyster mushrooms. Bet if you check them now they’ll look the same just dried and shriveled up. 

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I agree, a good possibility is the mushroom "stumps" are from a harvested cluster of Oyster Mushrooms (Pleurotus). I had said "Armillaria", but what's left of the stalks seems to lack the fibrous outer skin expected with any species of Armillaria. Also, the white hairs seen on the bases (assuming they are not a secondary fungal growth) are a Pleurotus trait. Looks more like Pleurotus stumps than Armillaria stumps. 

But, with old decomposing material like this appearance may be deceptive. 

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