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Looks like the photos were taken indoors under an artificial light source. This can cause the colors to be misrepresented. 

Maybe Brick Cap (Hypholoma lateritium). But the gills appear to be turning brown rather that the purplish-gray I expect with this species. Also, the cap color is a somewhat darker than I'd expect for H. lateritium. Print should be dark purplish-brown. 

If the print is brown (cigar brown to somewhat rusty brown) then I think genus Pholiota makes sense here. 

Yellowish-brown or ocher spore print would point toward genus Tubaria.

I don't think these are white-spored. But I would not completely rule this out. 

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Spore print came back light purple or purple. We’ve had freezing cold temps every day for a week until now so maybe they darkened from freezing. I’ve been thinking these are sulfur tufts because of the yellowish green gills but what stumps me is it’s suppose to taste bitter when taste testing but it didn’t seem to have a flavor.


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Spore print color looks like Hypholoma; thicker print would likely be darker. I think you're probably on target with the suggestion that freezing weather affected the cap color. Probably H. lateritium. But I'm not comfortable with expressing high confidence. 

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