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I found this mushroom the day before yesterday. Did a little research, and found  that it resembles Panellus stiptickus. I read that this mushroom is bioluminescent so I went back after sunset and found that it does not glow in the dark. It has somewhat scaly leathery texture and no discernable scent. Anyone know what these could be?







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Yup, Panellus stipticus. In my area (PA) it fruits in the fall and the mushrooms then persist throughout the winter. I have not seen the bioluminescence for this species. I think maybe it's necessary to collect when young and take immediately into a completely dark area... at least this would likely give the best opportunity to bee the glow.

Once I did manage to see the species Omphalotus illudens glow (Jack 'o Lantern). They mushrooms were very fresh and I took a cluster into a completely dark closet. It took over 5 minutes for me to see the gills glowing fluorescent green, but once the effect became evident it was quite dramatic. 

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Thank you for the ID conformation! Really cool! I've been wanting to find Jack 'o Lantern in the wild but I haven't found them yet. I would like to be able to see bioluminescence in a mushrooms; however, I am reluctant to take a mushroom home unless necessary for further id or if I intend on eating the mushroom. I know it probably isn't a big deal, but I try to disturb the ecosystem as little as possible. What do you think, is this concern warranted?

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The fruit body of a fungi (mushroom) is like an apple on a tree. You don't actually disrupt the fungal organism by picking a mushroom. On the other hand, there is some debate as to whether over-harvesting may affect fungal proliferation. Taking home a cluster of Omphalotus illudens likely causes no environmental harm. Though, you may get some orange liquid on your fingers, which can be a bit unnerving. The species is somewhat toxic. Just wash you hands.

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