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Possible A. muscaria?

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Are these true Amanita muscaria? Was very surprised to see these. Saw some sort of similar amanita in the next county over 2 years ago. Think Dave said it was a variation of muscaria that started with a "P". Anyways just curious about these. Know they are dangerous and all but still very cool. Big!









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I agree with Jeff that the pale-capped one may represent a different species than the orangey ones (which are likely all A. persicina). Looks somewhat like A. velatipes or the similar A. multisquamosa... a mature mushroom representing either of these species usually features marginal striations along the cap surface. Although, I have seen examples of A. velatipes that lacked striations. On the other hand, the pale-capped one may just be a faded example of A. persicina. 

Amanita persicina had been classified as a variety of A. muscaria until 2015. DNA analysis shows that A. persicina is a separate species. 

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Thanks! These all came from the same small area. Was two patches along a raised roadside next to pines. Patches 50' apart maybe. Specimens of various age from the peachy red to sunbleached like that whitish one to shriveled mush. Think they are all the same just at different stages. Being that at both patches all the mushrooms present were no more than 4' apart. Many too maybe 10 or better in each place.

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Did some reading on this species. Seems if it is in fact psychoactive it is lessly so than the other A. muscaria(realize it's now it's own species). Seems there is some debate there. No matter not worried about that really but is interesting.

Also seems these should be edible if cooked well. Has anyone here tried that? Some people were saying pretty tasty in butter with salt and pepper. Mild flavor in general overall. Doesn't seem this one is expressly dangerous especially treated properly.

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There is apparently a way to render Amanita muscaria edible; some special type of preparation. I have never tried this, but it seems not unlikely the same methods may work with A. persicina. 

I would not eat A. persicina mushrooms, and I recommend that you don't eat them either. 

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