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First three photos (from the top) may be Desarmillaria/Armillaria tabescens. Called "Ringless Honey Mushroom". Trickier to ID than (other) species of Armillaria, as there is no partial veil. These two mushrooms look kinda old, so I don't have high confidence in this ID proposal. 

Smallish mushroom with dark gills... maybe genus Cortinarius? Maybe Inocybe? My gues is Cortinarius. 

The remaining ones with red/pink caps represent genus Russula. Difficult to pin these down to exact species. 

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These may represent two different species. The ones with whitish gills that are notched near the points of attachment to the stalks; the ones with what looks like yellowish gills that are broadly attached to the stalk. On the other hand, they may all represent the same species, just at different stages of growth. My guess is these are all white-spored mushrooms (could be wrong about this). Best guess at this point... species of Tricholoma or Tricholomopsis (whitish gills); species of Tricholomopsis (yellowish gills). 

What is the habitat for these? 

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Growing on pine stumps is consistent with Tricholomopsis. Spore print color would be useful.

The orange gilled mushrooms are Phyllotopsis nidulans. 

I think the polypore with the maze-like pores is a species of Gloeophyllum. I googled "Gloeophyllum Florida" and got a few websites featuring Gloeophyllum trabeum. This is a species that probably does not occur up here in PA. But it looks like a decent fit for your polypores.   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gloeophyllum_trabeum    https://calphotos.berkeley.edu/cgi/img_query?enlarge=0000+0000+1015+3650   Champignons du Quebec (Quebec mushroom website) says that G. trabeum grows mainly on hardwood, but they also mention pine as a substrate. Gloeophyllum sepiarium --common up here--  grows on conifer wood. 

Nice photos. 

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