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I found these on a stump in the woodpile at our new home. It may be an oak tree, but since it’s an old stump it’s difficult for me to tell. (The pine needles on the mushrooms are from the trees growing next to the stump.) I spent a lot of time sending photos to others of the attached mushrooms for help identifying. Everyone agreed they appeared to be turkey tail, so I felt confident harvesting. Once I began flipping them over I noticed that many of the mushrooms have orange specks in the pores of the undersides. Is this common on turkey tails or does this mean they are another type of mushroom? There were multiple clusters on the same stump and while I assumed they were all turkey tail I now wonder if some were a similar but different variety. 





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I downloaded the photos, but when I attempt to zoom in on details the resolution doesn't hold together. So, it's difficult for me to propose anything with confidence. But, I would consider that the orange areas may be due to insect activity. You may need to look very closely; maybe use some minor magnification. I doubt the ones with the orange specks are a different species than ones that don't show the specks. Another possibility is that the specks represent a species of fungi that's a parasite on the Trametes. 

These polypores represent a species of Trametes, likely T. versicolor (Turkey Tail). T. ochracea is quite similar, but usually with thicker flesh and not as hairy on the upper surface. 

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