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Yellowfoot Chanterelle? Greensboro,GA

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Three days ago it rained and then warmed up to 58-60F. Then I found these mushrooms that look similar to yellowfoot chanterelles- I’ve cooked a lot of them before in restaurants. 
   These were growing near pine and oak trees, but about eight feet away and grew in a straight row almost. 






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I don't know what these are, but they do not look like Yellowfoot Chanterelles, Craterellus tubaeformis.  They appear to have true gills, not the false gills of Chanterelles.  They also do not seem to have funnel-shaped caps opening into a hollow stem.  I harvest many of the western version of C. tubaeformis every late fall and winter, and these mushrooms just don't have the right appearance.

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Not a species of either Cantharellus or Craterellus (Chanterelles).

My first guess would be genus Tricholomopsis, maybe something like T. rutilans or T. flammula. If correct, the spore print will be white.

But, there are other possibilities for the ID, and spore print color would be one additional piece of useful information. 

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Yes, genus Gymnopilus is a reasonable suggestion. Knowing spore print color would immediately eliminate one of Tricholomopsis/Gymnopilus. 

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