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First time trying grow bags and masters mix

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In the past two weeks I’ve been starting grow bags with masters mix as a substrate. I’ve been using around 10 ounces of spawn, which is about 2 cups per bag.  That gives me 8 bags for each bag of spawn. 

It’s been a slow process, as my pressure cooker only holds two bags at a time, and cook time is 2 hours at 15 psi.

So it’s been 8 bags of lions mane, 8 of blue oysters, and 8 of hen of the woods.  Oysters were sawdust spawn that’s been in my basement fridge. The others were all grain spawn, all from NorthSpore. 

Will see how it goes. 

Also built a shotgun fruiting chamber today. 

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Had to set up the fruiting chamber today!   I know lions mane is supposed to be fast fruiting, but I just inoculated this bag 11 days ago.  Cut the top off the bag and put it in the chamber.  Have another bag just starting to fruiting that I’ll let go another day or two before moving it too. 42ED59B7-8BEB-44AB-B1CE-4B5B8AE2786D.thumb.jpeg.a0cd755c6b57f968ebbf7f2701c2ceea.jpeg

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