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Mushroom ID - Oregon - Willamette Valley - White Mushroom

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Picked this one by itself among a DougFir / Red Cedar area.

Nice earthy mushroom scent - but I don't smell the apricot odor I normally smell with yellow Chanterelles.

Taking a spore sample now; will post a picture of that if I can get a good sample.

It looks like it wants to be a White Chanterelle, but the veins don't quit look right to me. Look too much like gills to me...











The more closely I look at this...and these are indeed gills...not veins/false gills like most Chanterelles. So its got to be something else. Notice the close up after I cut the stem. The gills are more pronounced with this picture.


Any thoughts of which specie this might be to point me a direction?






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In this most recently posted photo you can see that the layer of gill material could be separated/peeled from the rest of the cap. This is strong evidence contrary to this mushroom possibly being some type of Chanterelle. Otherwise, it does not look like a Chanterelle to me. Maybe a species of Clitocybe? If I found a mushroom here in PA that looked like this I would consider Entoloma abortivum. But I'm not sure if E. abortivum is known to occur in OR. 

Knowing spore print color may be useful. 

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Definitely not C. subalbidus.  Similar in appearance to Leucopaxillus albissimus.  Also Clitocybe nebularis, however this one smells bad and has a light yellow spore print.

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The white spore print rules out Entoloma abortivum (which seemed quite unlikely anyway). Frosted appearance on cap suggests comparison with Clitocybe ditopus. Although the mushroom seen here appears to be large/robust for this species   https://www.mycoquebec.org/bas.php?trie=C&l=l&nom=Clitocybe ditopus / Clitocybe ubiquiste&tag=Clitocybe ditopus&gro=130  .

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