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We collected these in Oregon a couple of days ago. Temps in the 40-60 degree Fahrenheit range, with light rains recently. They were growing in mulch and leaf litter in a local park. The bases had pinkish-purple mycelium, and were growing alongside A. gemmata.

A friend ate one this morning, and then we began to wonder if we might have misidentified them as blewits. A quick search for lookalikes suggested that there are a few Cortinarius that felt like possibilities. Now we're trying to decide if we take a trip to the ER.

These look like textbook blewits to us, but would appreciate any other opinions.




Purple mushroom.jpg

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Yes! Really hoping they're not brown. We went back to the spot we gathered them from, and examined the babies to look for a cortina, and did not find anything resembling one. I think we'll probably sleep soundly after the print.

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Thanks for asking. They do have a pleasant odor, but it's so hard to characterize odor objectively! We read Aurora's description, and another that suggested lilac. While I wouldn't have come up with those on my own, I can see how someone might. So that's a good sign. The other good news is that our sport print was white, and we've received a number of IDs on other platforms. I think we're safely calling these blewits now, and will plan to be 100% certain in the future!

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