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Outdoor Beds

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I built an area back in the woods, framed it with logs, and put a layer of composted horse manure on it. Left the leaves fall covering it. Tonight I spread a bag of blewit spawn on it, as it is supposed to rain tonight and tomorrow. Will add more leaves later. 

I had fourteen five gallon buckets of sawdust that I inoculated with oyster spawn in the spring. Got oyster from two, then left them dry out this summer. Today I dumped them on a layer of straw in my hoophouse (no plastic over it yet) and added a bag of wine cap spawn.   Will spread another layer on straw. 

I have two more bags of blewit spawn. One I’m going to spread under various spruce trees that line one side of my property. And under a large lilac that the leaves collect under. 

The other bag I’ll probably spread in spots in the woods that the leaves collect deeply in. And I’ll try to throw some horse manure on those spots. 

Hope this rain is substantial. 

Had to get these bags out of the basement fridge, as I’m getting two more bags of spawn delivered tomorrow, one Lions Mane and one Hen of the Woods. And 100 bags to grow in. I have hardwood sawdust and soy hulls, so I’m going to give masters mix a try. 

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