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Stump Mushrooms & Bolete?


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The polypore is Polyporus squamosus, "Dryad's Saddle."

The bolete is likely a species of Suillus. Aside from a few small genera of very distinctive boletes that have partial veil (membrane covering pores), this trait points toward Suillus. In the photo of the underside, it looks like the remnants of a partial veil remain as patches between the stalk and the cap margin. Mushroom also appears to be somewhat slimy, another common Suillus trait. Is the apex of the stalk reticulate (netted)?

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Thanks Dave...I just got a new mushroom book on Amazon. Went right to the Dryad's Saddle page after I saw your reply.

I honestly don't know on your question. I didn't keep them and can't remember.

Not sure exactly why, but I am fascinated by mushrooms.

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Kwo, I see your location is NY State. That bolete --presumably a species of Suillus-- is a fairly interesting find for this time of year. here in PA I usually don't find the slimy/sticky types with partial veil until autumn.

Mushrooms are... fascinating. It's a hobby that has the potential to remain interesting for one's entire life.

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