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Amanita Frostiana, or maybe Fly Agaric


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Looks like what I call A. muscaria. A very young one. They spread out to be almost dinner plate size as they get older.

A vomitous trip to Hades and back.

You might not even die.

But you will wish you did,

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A frostiana has a basal bulb lined by a single prominent margin. The mushroom seen here shows several broken rings of universal veil material  arranged on the stipe base. This is a typical trait associated with A. muscaria. Also, A. muscaria mushrooms are more robust (usually) than A. forstiana, which is usually slender. At maturity A. frostiana has prominent marginal striations on the cap (often not seen in immature specimens). Sometimes, mature A. muscaria shows rather weak striations along the cap margin. 

The mushroom seen here is Amanita muscaria var. guessowii.

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Ah that makes a lot of sense! The yellow American fly agaric is a mushroom seen in the south/eastern part of Canada. And a lot more seem to pop up near my cottage in the 1000 islands but again same general area, close to the Ontario/us border. Appreciate the ID!

I have heard or some people sighting yellow patches, and I have personally come across what looks to be Amanita velatipes from Dave’s guess and after looking into it it was indeed a Amanita velatipes. I do know Amanita muscaria grows quite red so the Yellow American fly agaric sounds like the best guess and eases my confusion. I’m trying to take photos of as many species as I can and document the ones that have a positive ID and others that I haven’t been able to tell. Will inevitably draw my findings in a sketchbook as I love drawing nature. I appreciate all the help!

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