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I thought it was a bolete at first, but it is very solid, more like a polypore. It was growing in a moss bank in a mixed forest, no clear sign of it growing from wood, maybe a root? The cap surface is hairy, velvety. 








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Wow! That's really hairy. Maybe Coltricia montagnei? Mushroom Expert describes the hymenium as "gills", but the photos show what may be called maze-like pores. Champignons du Quebec includes photos showing a poroid hymenium much like what is seen in these photos   https://www.mycoquebec.org/bas.php?trie=C&l=l&nom=Coltricia montagnei / Polypore de Montagne&tag=Coltricia montagnei&gro=48

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I think that looks like a match, thanks! It's kind of interesting, sounds like the "poroid" structure develops into lateral gills? That is something I would love to watch on stop motion. There's one photo on MO that shows a cap similarly hairy and with pores that resemble this one, and the others show the gills. 

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I think I found the dried up version of what you found! In central Washington on a dead log next to a river. Mine were also very hairy, especially for how old they were.








Then again, mine were growing on logs. So maybe not? Does that species grow on logs as well?

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Thanks! One thing that doesn't seem to line up perfectly with either C. montagnei or O. tomentosa, at least as far as my research led me, is the color of the stalk, which had pretty striking blue tones in it, more than the photos show. Although I suppose it was mostly brown so still in the realm of the descriptions. 

Jared I think your find may be something else than what I photographed, seems more shelflike, but I am no polypore expert.

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The hints of blue immediately had me thinking Hydnum caeruleum, but yours is pored not toothed, so that discounted that.  It's possible the blue is a result of old age and or bacteria.

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6 minutes ago, Dave W said:

Jared's shelf ploypores are neither Coltricia nor Onnia tomentosa. These types are stalked fungi that grow terrestrially. 

My proposal for Onnia tomentosa was for the original posting.

19 hours ago, The Mushroom Whisperer said:

Another possibility for the original post is Onnia tomentosa.



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Yeah, MW. I realize that. O. tomentosa was proposed for the original photos. This does look like a possibility. Pores look to be on the large side for this species, though. 

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