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Reminds me somewhat of Entoloma. However, I think this may be a species of Psilocybe. In subtropical/tropical areas there's much more species diversity for this genus than in NA. General appearance of these species varies considerably. Panaeolus also seems like a reasonable suggestion. Spore print color would help here. You need a thick print in order to assess color. Best to collect the print on both black and white non-absorbent surfaces. 

Panaeolus: most species with black print; a few with very dark purple-brown print.     Entoloma: salmon-pink or tannish-pink print.      Psilocybe: dark purple-brown print. 

Even with knowing the spore print color, I would not be confident IDing these. Microscopy would certainly help to advance confidence. Of the three types mentioned, spore morphology is different. 

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