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Looking for some ID advice

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So I’m new to this page but I’ve been apart of some mushroom forums before, giving this one a shot to see which ones suit me better. Amateur mycologist like many of us, I’m almost certain this is Turkey Tail. I doubt myself often, and always need reassurance. The photo was from a friend I haven’t gotten out to see them yet. But I will. It’s spring now in southeastern Quebec, the snows are thawing, winter just ended. Here’s the best picture she could send me, again my spider senses are saying turkey tail, but I haven’t gotten to see them with my own two eyes. What do you guys think? Thank you :) 


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If the undersides are white/whitish and have pore that are very small but large enough to see (possibly with the aid of minor magnification), then I'd say these are a species of Trametes. T. versicolor --Turkey Tail-- looks like a very good possibility. T. ochracea is very similar and the two species are likely often confused.  

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