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Oysters! (Pleurotus. sp)

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Hi again -- came across these beauties just a few minutes up the road from where I live -- and if I'm not badly mistaken, surely these are some species of Oyster mushrooms? Barely any occurrence records of these growing up my way (North Queensland, Australia) so I'll be sure to upload this observation onto Mushroom Observer as well as iNaturalist... but I can be pretty much certain that these are in the Pleurotus genus right and will be edible? Because as you'll see in the bottom pic below I got myself a decent haul and there's many younguns still growing on the roots of the tree that'll be providing many more clusters over the next few weeks I imagine! Have yet to try these so I'm keen as mustard, but still want to be sure! And if anyone's interested I found about 5 clusters, some separated by up to 20 meters growing off the roots of the Australian Umbrella tree (Schefflera actinophylla) which is quite common down here... I'll certainly be keeping an eye out for these in the future!













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Certainly looks like a Pleurotus species to me. Like you say navieko, seeing as this may be an unusual occurrence in your area it makes sense to get a few opinions. 

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Just in case anyone was wondering... I decided it was low risk enough to do some small edibility tests over a few days (starting with very little bits) and eventually without any adverse reactions I worked my up to frying up a decent handful and making a good meal out of them. So far so good and I'll for sure be harvesting more in the coming weeks and keeping an eye out for the umbrella trees to try and locate more!

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That's the way to go... After you're quite sure of IDing an edible type, prepare a small portion, sample it, and make sure to keep some fresh material in case a bad reaction means you would like a medical person to examine the mushrooms. 

Those look like real nice Oyster Mushrooms. 

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