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Paul H.

Mushroom I'd, chantrells?

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I think these are Cantharellus formosus, a species of yellow/golden chanterelle that is found in California http://www.mykoweb.com/CAF/species/Cantharellus_formosus.html.

However, the photos are a bit washed out and not particularly well-focused; quite a bit of glare. Also, these mushrooms appear to be somewhat past prime; observable traits are eroded. So, there is room for some doubt about the ID. 

Gomphus clavatus is an unrelated --but somewhat similar-- species that usually has a lavender/purplish tint and a hymenium (underside of cap) composed of veins/wrinkles (false gills) that are less like true gills than the hymenium of Cantharellus formosus http://www.mykoweb.com/CAF/species/Gomphus_clavatus.html. Gomphus bonari is similar to G. clavatus, but with a scalier cap surface. The California Fungi website also features a couple species of Turbinellus (formerly classified as species of Gomphus) that are somewhat similar to the mushrooms seen here.

What is the habitat where these mushrooms were collected? Type(s) of trees? 

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These look like Gomphus clavatus to me as well. I see hints of purple on my monitor?

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