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Some nice mushroom photos

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Well few people know that, but greece's region is 80% mountains. There are smthn like 50 peaks over 2000 m. So hiking is quite an option here! And now that temperatures are relatively low (below 18 C, that is), with rain, thete are lots of mushrooms around! 

A mushroom i found yesterday. I think it is Clathrus ruber. There were lots of flies around, but thats how the spores are spread


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Well i know only a few of them... Photo no 2 is i think a Cortinarius Dibaphus

No 3 Lactarius Salmonicolor

No 4, 5 some sort of mycena

No 5 Coprinus Comatus

No 6 Macrolepiota Procera

No 11 Clavariadelphus Truncatus

No12 Lactarius Salmonicolor

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I don't know the species Cortinarius dibaphus. But looking at photos online, this seems like a good possibility for #2. There are hundreds of different species of Cortinarius. I think this one may be classified within subgenus Seriocybe (although some mycologists do not recognize this subgenus). There's also something called the "Sericeocybe group" that may include the species seen here.

The first photo is really nice. I don't have a confident ID proposal. But maybe a species of Mycena? 

The white Mycena mushrooms in 4/5... multiple possibilities for the species. Sometimes the smell of the crushed flesh can be a useful trait for Mycena ID. 

The one just above/before the Clavariadelphus... maybe consider Chroogomphus tomentosus. 


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For the first photo, yes, i think some sort of mycena as well. It was the size of mycena, but it was the first time i encountered a shroom with this color :).

Well since u liked them, here are photos of my yesterday's walk. The first three are lactarius semisanguifluus. They have green along with orange, and they are very tasty but really sneaky! U gotta look carefully under the leaves to find them! In photo no 3 u can barely see them under the leaves...! Photo no 4 is a j.d. mushroom (i like to call the ones i dont know John Does). Last photo is a purplish kind of mushroom, J.D. as well. I don't have other pictures of this, so id is a bit hard...






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I think photo #4 is a species of Hygrocybe. There is a group of reddish Hygrocybe species that have have conical caps and stain black. One such species is H. conica. 

I think the purple mushroom seen in the last photo may be Lepista. Spore print color is a good way to distinguish Lepista nuda from similar-looking purplish Cortinarius mushrooms. Lepista has a pale fleshy-pinkish spore print, best seen on a non-absorbent white surface. Cortinarius mushrooms have mainly rusty-brown spore prints. (A few Cort species have rusty print with a reddish tint.) 

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