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Really big mushroom! (Macrolepiota?)

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Found it today, next to the road, under some conifers. Cap diametr 25cm. Stem length 25 cm. Really big! Could use it as an umbrella...! I think its macrolepiota, i m not sure. Next to it was his small brother. :) are these macrolepiota procera?





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I have heard of Macrolepiota mushrooms growing to a size like this one, although I've never found one this large. I believe your ID is correct.

One genus that resembles Macrolepiota is Chlorophylum. C. molybdites is a toxic "parasol" mushroom that has green spore print. The mushroom seen here does not look like C. molybdites. There are also some white-spored species of Chlorphyllum. In North America we have C, rhacodes, C. brunnea, C. olivieri. Although some people are sensitive to eating these types, they are generally considered to be good edibles. Often the flesh inside the stalk stains yellow/saffron/orangish in the white-spored Chlorophyllum mushrooms. Yours certainly looks like Macroelpiota; the stem surface with a scaly pattern is a trait seen with this type mushroom. It looks like the ring clung to the cap margin and got torn away from the stem. 

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