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Maybe pluteus genus?

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These popped up yesterday in mulch under a maple tree, but mycelium is attached to mulch.Weather had been below freezing for several days with a few inches of snow, but warmed up to the 40's F. Mushrooms freeze at night and turn whitish, but redden when warmed during day. Pileus is convex when young, becoming flat with age. Caps are reddish brown early, becoming whiter and dry with slightly depressed centers (not striate or scaly). Stipes are curved, central, hollow and stringy with no real ring zone and no ring. Gills are notched and adnexed and are nearly distant, with short gills. Some gills appear split near the stipe. smell is no destinctive, taste is "mushroomy".

Spore print is fleshy buff. Thought it might be an Agrocybe species, but spore print is too light colored.

 2019-12-4_015.thumb.jpg.2aad8a351b3c172331e12bdaf82c9372.jpg  2019-12-4_012.thumb.jpg.47bb7e97af96a806123cdede814cffef.jpg

2019-12-4_018.thumb.jpg.4121b659e1cfb97e618aa2378d1a817a.jpg  2019-12-4_017.thumb.jpg.b628869d40ccd4b8218e70399125f8be.jpg

2019-12-4_019.thumb.jpg.d37f2b9837e1a2d6d1585b97e779ea15.jpg  2019-12-5_006.thumb.jpg.3398589a58dc40f6485aa91d256888eb.jpg

2019-12-5_004.thumb.jpg.9d047db6a8eef4c4293675997a8cc067.jpg  2019-12-5_003.thumb.jpg.e19323c0215b799d14301d0ab84cc470.jpg

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Tubaria furfuracea, a cold weather mulch/wood-chip species. Spore print yellowish/ocher-brown, . Caps are strongly hygrophanous; brown when moist, whitish when dry. 

All mushrooms representing genus Pluteus have gills free of the stalk, rounded ends not reaching the stalk. 

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