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Shiitake on logs

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Hi there!

I m new to cultivating mushrooms. I want to try shiitakes on logs. I went to buy beech tree logs, but they told me they r all dry (they sell it as firewood) and not suitable. Is this true? 

I have two lemon trees which have dried up and i m about to cut them. Is lemon tree wood suitable for this purpose?

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I’ve always heard you want to get the logs cut before they go dormant for the winter. Just my two cents. A quick google search on what trees are the best will tell ya all you need to know. I wouldn’t think lemon tree logs would be your best bet. Again just my two cents   Good luck and keep us posted through your experiment. 

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Oak trees are often used for cultivating Shiitake mushrooms and should be freshly cut to minimize contamination from other fungi.  Here in southwestern Canada Alder logs are also used.

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